Service Availability - Please Read

After such a long time that people have not been able to take their holidays or breaks away, it seems like everyone is going away at the same time! It's great to see things might be starting to return to a new normal, but the result is that the service is nearly fully booked (which means we're starting up at 5am and finishing at 7pm, with a hamburger in the middle!) I'm sorry that we have had to put in the following restrictions to allow us to cope with the current demand.

Until the current demand has passed and things quite down again, we will be updating this page every evening if there are any cancellations or changes in current bookings.

Existing Key Safe Customers

Existing Key Safe Customers will always be given priority, but we can't fit any more visits in on the following days. Please call us to see if any cancellations have freed up space.

Monday 6th September to Wednesday 8th September - Fully booked for Mornings and Afternoon visits

Thursday 9th September to Friday 10th September - Limited space for Mornings and Afternoon visits

Saturday 18th September - Limited space for Mornings visits, fully booked for afternoon visits

Sunday 19th September - Limited space for Mornings and Fully booked for Afternoon visits

Sunday 3rd October - Limited space for Mornings and Fully booked for Afternoon visits

Christmas Eve - Limited space for Mornings (not working in the afternoon)

Christmas Day - Non working day

Boxing Day - Limited space for Mornings (not working in the afternoon)

New Year's Eve - Limited space for Mornings (not working in the afternoon)

New Year's Day - Limited space for Mornings (not working in the afternoon)

Limited availability for Existing Customers until 1st October

This applies to any Customer who has used the service before. For bookings before 1st October, please call us to see if a Key Safe Customer has cancelled.

No availability for New Customers until 1st October

This applies to any New Customer who is not on our books. I'm very sorry, but I hope you will try us again next time.


13 Years of service badge

Purrfect Sitters pledge to provide a quality and trusted service to anyone requiring a pet sitter in the Leeds area for holidays or weekends away. We will come to see you in advance to discuss your individual requirements and meet your animal family, so you can judge how they get on with us. Next, we will visit before you go away to pick up a key and either post the key once finished, return the key in person, or keep the key in a secure safe for next time you're away (or if you ever get locked out!)

As you can see from our website, we have our own animal family who consist of cats, birds, fish, rabbits and hamsters. We also don't forget wild animals that occasionally need a helping hand, ranging from robins to hedgehogs! :)

We are fully insured to visit your home, with your permission, and we have been DBS checked.

We hope you will hire us to look after your animal family, in their own home, next time you go away.

Please have a read through the reviews from our customers if you have any concerns regarding the service we offer.

Best wishes, Yvonne

Service Prices

If you have multiple animals in the same cage or tank (e.g. fish, or hamsters), we will consider this the same as one animal.

1-3 animals

£8.00 for one daily visit
£7.50 for Keysafe customers

A single visit (AM or PM) to look after 1 to 3 pets.

1-3 animals

£14.00 for two daily visits
£13.00 for Keysafe customers

Two visits in a 24-hour period (AM and PM) to look after 1 to 3 pets.

4-5 animals

£12.50 for one daily visit
£10.50 for Keysafe customers

A single visit (AM or PM) to look after 4 to 5 pets.

4-5 animals

£18.00 for two daily visits
£16.00 for Keysafe customers

Two visits in a 24-hour period (AM and PM) to look after 4 to 5 pets.

Key Safe Customers

Key Safe Customers are customers for who we already have a copy of their key before a booking is made and wants the key returned to our secure key safe at the end of the booked service.

Any customer can become a Key Safe Customer, but they will be charged the standard customer prices for their first booking (as we will still need to collect the key and perform an initial visit for new customers) but these customers will start benefiting from their second booking. If a customer decides to stop being a Key Safe Customer for any reason, we will either post the key back on the last day of service, or at a suitable time if there is no active booking.

The benefits of becoming a Key Safe Customer are:

  • Customers can make a booking at short notice by phone or text message and we will always prioritise our availability to these customers.
  • If the customer ever gets locked out of their home, or loses their key, customers can pick up the key by short notice appointment or in exceptional circumstances we can drop it off.
  • As we do not need to arrange a key collection before visits, Key Safe Customers will have a discounted tariff!
  • Services Offered

    We offer a bespoke service which intends to look after your animal family, in the same manner as they are accustomed when you are home. Our service is also discrete and non-branded so as not to advertise your absence to those who do not already know you are away. As part of the service we can open and close curtains to help deter burglars while you're away. Please let us know what individual requirements you have.

    * We are not able to guarantee specific times for giving medication.


    Giving food, fresh water and treats so they know they have not been abandoned

    Cleaning Up

    Cleaning litter tray and cages. Also cleaning up any accidents

    Health *

    Giving medication, including flee treatment, tablets or injections


    Turning lights on and off as needed, opening and closing curtains each visit to help deter burglars

    Key Safe

    We can keep your key so we're ready when you need us.


    Whatever else your animal is used to, when you're home!

    Hours of Service

    We don’t offer times slots for the visits; the afternoon round follows the morning round. If we start in Roundhay at 6am, we start there again at 2pm to ensure there is a big enough gap between visits. The visit times are house dependant. Generally, a visit lasts between 10- 20 minutes depending on what needs doing. Some visits won’t take long if the cat is outside and not a lot needs to be done, or they can be up to 45 minutes if there is a lot going off and the animals need lots of attention.

    When we're out on a round, we can't answer calls or respond to emails. We will keep an eye on missed calls and text messages and will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

    The visiting times may vary around peak times, bank holidays, August and Christmas to accommodate the increased demand.


    Customers must provide all food, medication, litter and treats for the duration of the service.

    Although we are happy to look after any caged or small animal, our service is not suitable for dogs.

    Area Covered

    We can provide service anywhere within the red line on the map below.

    Please enter your address here to find where you are on the map.

    Our Reviews

    We understand the importance of trust when allowing someone into your home while you're away to look after your animal family and respect your property. To help you make a decision about us, please have a read over our reviews, below.

    Can’t praise this service highly enough. Yvonne took copious details when she first visited and met my two old cats, and has looked after them beautifully ever since. I have not met Tanya and Ruth, but my neighbours say they are lovely too! Both cats are always settled and calm when I get home, and their litter trays are well looked after, not to mention the occasional regurgitation on the carpet.. Yvonne is flexible if I need to rearrange at short notice and it is just so reassuring to know that Bertie and Misty are in good hands when I am away. Thanks so much to you all. Simply Purrfect! I can’t thank Yvonne and the team enough for looking after our cat Munro. The process was very thorough with a meet-up beforehand and talked through the process every step of the way. With us being on the other side of the world it gave us real peace of mind to know that Munro was being looked after so well. We will definitely be using this service again and thoroughly recommend it to others! We had never had a cat sitter as our cat is usually happy to go to family but as soon as I got in touch with Yvonne, my mind was at ease. She was totally professional, happy to accommodate, and reasonably priced. It was Tanya who came to see our cat over a couple of days and she left a diary of each visit which was lovely. Our cat is very sociable and needs attention so it was really nice that the ladies love cats and give a bit of fuss and attention, not just feeding. Would use this service again and highly recommend to others, thank you so much! Yvonne& her team are brilliant. I highly recommend this service. My cat was well looked after over the last 1.5 years until I sadly had to have her put to sleep. Yvonne accommodated me when I needed to go to see my dad in hospital at short notice as well as many holidays abroad and weekends away. The extra touch was the feedback sheet updating me on how she had been. My cat wasn't the most social pet but Yvonne and her team won her round. It was great knowing she was at home safe with fellow cat lovers looking after her. Yvonne has even brought my bin in on more than one occasion. All in all a fantastic service from a excellent team. I was worried about leaving my cat while I went on holiday as she can be somewhat difficult when she wants to be. When I got back she was in very good spirits and had clearly been very well looked after. I can't recommend Purrfect Sitters highly enough and will definitely be using them in future. Highly recommend! We recently used this service for our 6 year old cat Holly while we went away as we were dreading the thought of putting her in a cattery while we were away on holiday. Came home to a happy and well looked after cat- Yvonne and Tanya do a great job and love the little diary which summarises each visit. Thank you very much! Great service. I hate leaving my cat home alone, & do so as rarely as possible. However when I do I can be assured that he is in great hands with Yvonne & the team. I'd much rather leave him at home where he is comfortable than have to unsettle him, as he's very sensitive & nervous. I can't recommend highly enough. We used purrfect sitters for the first time over the bank holiday weekend as our kittens Pablo and Simba are only 7 months old and didn't feel comfortable sending them to the cattery with them being so young. We were instantly put at ease on the first visit and felt comfortable leaving keys with Tanya. We returned to a diary log of how the cats were and what was done on each visit, the litter trays were clean, water bowls were full and the boys were happy. We will definitely use this service again, thank you so much. Just come back from 2 weeks away and I cannot praise Yvonne and the team enough! Firstly I was let down the day before I was due to fly and I honestly thought I would need to cancel the holiday luckily Yvonne managed to accommodate me. Then when I was away my cat became ill and had to go to the vets, Yvonne and the team handled everything professionally whilst keeping me informed. This has been a very stressful holiday due to thinking I would need to cancel then my cat becoming ill but thankfully I have had a good time due to care and attention given by Yvonne. It is good to know services like this are out there! Thanks again, Susie! Last weekend was the first time I used this service. We adopted a very troubled cat about 5 weeks ago and I had serious worries about leaving him even just for one night. I need not have worried. At Yvonne's first visit, Dexter, who is very nervous of any strangers, immediately took to her. It was then that I knew I didn't need to worry. I returned after my night away to find that Dexter was absolutely fine and that Yvonne had done all she had promised. She also left a report on what she had done and how Dexter behaved. I will certainly use this service again and highly recommend it. Yvonne has helped to take care of our two cats while we are away for the last a few years. No exception, every single time, we come home with joy to see our cats are well and happy. Thank you very much! I left my 3 cats in the care of Yvonne and her team for 5 days. Returned home to find them all happy and well looked after. Yvonne and team had left me a diary showing what they had done on each visit whilst I was away. More be more than happy to entrust the care of my cats to Purrfect Sitters again! Highly recommended! Like many, giving a house key to a stranger was a little daunting, but far less so than putting our kitten into a cattery without a recommendation. However, having met Yvonne only briefly briefly, all our fears were dispelled. Yvonne and her team are most professional in the service they provide and quite clearly have the best interest of your pet to heart. The service provided during our week away, aside from the piece of mind that there was some presence at the house during a weeks absence, was quite clearly most enjoyable for and satisfying for our feline friend, to a point that upon our return we believed she had barely noticed our absence. We will without doubt be engaging Purfect Sitters again and would highly recommend their services to anyone considering this as an alternative to a cattery / kennel. Thank you Yvonne and all your team. My little cat Vicky can be a bit of a madam - well she is 17 - and she hates catteries, so Purrfect Sitters have been a life support system for me and Vicky over the last year. Often stepping in at very short notice, they have never let me down. I've really appreciated the continuity of service. And I'm sure Vicky has too. I would recommend the team to anyone. Their service is second to none. I am so happy I used your service! It was only for a weekend break but I was worried as it was the first time I had to leave all the pets for any length of time as I didn't want to put them in boarding. It has stopped me going away in the past but once I'd met Yvonne I knew I could trust her. She was great with them even when she came to meet them and completely understood what they needed (even my grumpy rabbit who gets territorial). It was lovely to come back and see all of them completely happy. An added bonus was seeing the visit diary that was left to see how everything went on each visit, a great touch. I will definitely be using your service again and might not be so afraid to book a longer holiday in the future! Thank you! Yvonne and the team are amazing. They make you feel so at ease about coming into your home and looking after your pets by coming round and introducing themselves and playing with the cats They have been there for me in times of emergency and have never refused me their service They are very profession and I would recommend them to anyone I was so worried about leaving my three indoor cats that I hadn't been on holiday since I had gotten them. I decided to use this service so they could all stay in the house where they are comfortable and it is so much cheaper than a cattery. Yvonne came to my house twice before I went away, once to meet the cats and myself and once to get my spare key and find out their routine. She was so nice and put any worries I had to rest. I had a mini moment of panic after I had left but one text to Yvonne and she put me at ease. My cats were absolutely fine on my return, the food bowls were clean, the litter tray was clean and all the stray litter was cleared away. I would 100% use this service again, thank you so much Yvonne. Purrfect Sitters provide a great service. This is the second year we have used them as our cat is getting on and we feel an extended trip to the kennel would stress her out. It is nice to know she can stay in the comfort of our home whilst we are away and also reassuring that there is someone visiting the house every day. The visit diary is helpful and the cost is very reasonable. We would definitely recommend using Purrfect Sitters and will continue using them for the foreseeable. Having recently moved house, I was concerned about leaving my cats alone for the first time. However my concerns were unfounded as Yvonne and her team did a magnificent, reliable job in looking after them, and I returned home to two happy, well fed girls. Thank you. I will definitely be using your service again. I have been using Purrfect Sitters to look after my pets for over 3 years now and I can honestly say it is a fantastic service. Not only do they take care of my cats physical needs, but her emotional ones too which is really reassuring to me when I go away. My cat is my family and I love knowing that she's getting cared for properly. Not only do they take care of my cats needs, but they do the basic tasks such as setting house alarms, turning lights on and off and opening and closing curtains to make sure that the house looks occupied. I couldn't be happier with the service I've received from Purrfect Sitters We cant thank Yvonne and her team enough for looking after our cats whilst away on our recent holiday. Despite the varying demands of each of our cats, one cant go out (too stupid), one can go out but shouldn't (very old and in poor health), and one wont come in unless she really wants to (feral and territorial!), they all seemed very happy and well looked after. The updates where a great help in putting our mind at ease, the security access to the house managed professionally, the extra tasks such as opening and shutting blinds a great help, and the place was left in immaculate condition. Our friends have always looked after the cats whilst away, which is handy but not ideal as they are not pet lovers and can leave the place in such a mess, so from here on in we will be using Perfect Sitters! Thanks again, Miranda I have just recently used Purrfect Sitters for the first time and was very impressed with the service. In the past I have dreaded having to drop my 2 cats off at the cattery as I know they don't like it. This is a great service and gives me peace of mind my cats will be happy at home whilst I am away and be well looked after by Yvonne and her team. I will definitely be using Purrfect Sitters again in the future and will recommend them to my friends. I would definitely recommend Purrfect Sitters if you are looking for someone to take care of your pets (in our case, cats) whilst you are on holiday. Yvonne was very professional from the start. She responded to my initial email very quickly and everything was straightforward to set up. On her initial visit, she was great with both of the cats and they seemed to be relaxed around her. Whilst we were away, one of our cats became unwell. Yvonne contacted us straightaway and, following a quick phone call, took her to the vet. The entire service was great and I will definitely be using them in the future. Very professional service, well thought through from not having branding on the car (therefore not alerting people to the fact you are away) to the little school reports for each visit so that we could read up on our return what the cats had been up to. Thank you, we'll be using your services again! I called Yvonne at very short notice as our friend was ill and couldn't look after our cats. She was so lovely and arranged to come the next morning, which was the day we were leaving! Our cats hadn't been well ,so she texted to let us they were OK, and it put our minds at rest and allowed us to go away without worrying about them. The diary helps to give you a picture of how they have been while you're gone, especially when they have been little scamps! I will definitely use them again in the future. Yvonne has looked after our little cat Misty twice now and we have been very happy with the service. Misty has seemed happy when we have returned despite us being away for a week which is such a relief! Yvonne is friendly and has responded to texts quickly when we've asked for an update whilst away, which we really appreciate as it puts our minds at ease. It's also good to have the diary of how she was when we were away. We will be using the service next time we're away and are really happy to have found someone we trust to look after her. Thank you! We have used Purrfectsitters twice now and we couldn't be happier. Yvonne is friendly and professional and it's a huge relief to be able to go away and know our kitty is being well looked after. I wouldn't consider anyone else now. Fuss free, easy and friendly service! I will definitely be using again, my cats were well looked after and this has gave me great peace of mind for when I need to use this service again, thanks Yvonne! Purrfect sitters have looked after my cats for over 3 years about 3 times a year. A diary is detailed everyday and they 'eyeball' the monsters everyday. They are fed and watered and 'mucked out'. Even when my ex-cleaner shut them in a room, they were found and set free! That could have been very serious as no food or water available to them. And because they hold a key, they are a lifesaver for a forgetful cat owner when she leaves her key at work! Big thank you x Fabulous service! Very professional. We used Purrfect Sitters over the Christmas period and couldn't be happier, our Sylvester is incredibly nervous of strangers, new environments, deep voices... anything really, So knowing he was being fed and looked after in his own home stress free by someone with lots of experience gave me great peace of mind. I will definitely use Puurfect sitters the next time we go away and cannot recommend them enough. Thank you! We've asked for Yvonne and Pat's help for more than two years now. We trust her and things are very well every time. Our cats Mitzi and Tanya are so lucky. Thank you so much! Purrfect sitters have looked after our two house cats several times now. We have always been provided with a great service, the cats seem happy when we get home and also a little diary is filled in each day for when we return. Thank you very happy leaving our fur babies in your capable hands! First time using a home sitter and couldnt be happier with service - Yvonne is lovey - very impressed by meet and greet visits and grateful for daily diary. Would highly recommend! Yvonne and her team are simply fantastic. I've had to call on her help a few times now (I always seem to need her for last minute trips away) and she's always been available -- even at short notice -- to look after my cat. To make you feel at ease she comes for a chat (if you've never used her sitting service before) and shows you all the appropriate documentation. She also immediately made friends with Milly, which was fabulous! I trust her completely to look after my cat while I'm away. She leaves a great little daily diary, noting anything relevant like cleaning the litter, feeds, and TLC, and is very reasonably priced. It's my understanding that she's able to look after all manner of small house pets and will even water plants and other things if you ask. I think the most important thing is that she'll sit with your animal if it seems as though they need it on her visit, and I know my cat can be soppy and needy! (Towards the later end of the diary I see TLC being given daily, hahah!) Couldn't recommend her more highly. I found her through a friend and hope you find her from this review. No more asking friends for endless favours! I came across this service when searching the internet for alternatives to a cattery. Yvonne returned by enquiry very quickly and came and did a home visit. Immediately my cats were round her exploring and sniffing !. My plans for going away were a little changeable due to a variety of circumstances but Yvonne was great about this. I was so pleased on my return my cats were happy and relaxed and had obviously received lots of TLC . This service has made such a difference to me as I have 4 cats and they do love to be in their own home. I have already booked again. I would recommend this service without hesitation. I contacted Purrfect Sitters on very short notice. It was the first time I'd used them. They contacted me within 10 minutes of leaving an enquiry on the site and were incredibly helpful. Returned from my trip to find a happy, fed cat! Will definitely be using them again. I felt totally relaxed on holiday knowing that my little ball of fur was being looked after. She seemed purrfectly happy on my return. No guilt trip or cold shoulder. A big thank you from the both of us! Yvonne has been regularly feeding our four cats for over a year now and we are always very happy with the service received. We intend to always use PurrfectSitters and can't rate them highly enough! Thank you so much for taking care of our cats (lucky and Fluffy). After 10 days we returned and we found them happy and healthy. We definitely will use your services again! Regards Eliana and David Returned from a week away to find a very happy Jasper looking well fed and happy. Yvonne was lovely to meet, organised and everything was easy to organise. We really liked the daily report!! Even the plants had been watered. I would highly recommend Yvonne and the team and so would Jasper. Excellent service. Booked just 2 days before we were going on holiday, as we had been let down by our usual cat sitter. We liked the feedback sheet that was left. Will definitely use this service again. They did an excellent job came home to a happy well fed cat, likes that they left an Itinary to inform of what they had done on visit We have three indoor cats, one of whom is very nervous of strangers and would struggle with a cattery environment. Also, neither of us has friends or family close enough to pop in when we go away. So, when we discovered Purrfect Sitters this seemed the ideal answer to our needs for those times when we have to leave them behind. We could not be more delighted with the service provided. Everything is considered and professionally delivered, giving complete peace of mind while away. They really do think of everything and leave a little report behind so you know how the cats behaved while you were gone. Using Purrfect Sitters gives us confidence to leave the cats at home and no-one is inconvenienced either. It's the Purrfect solution! Yvonne has looked after our cat Esmeralda only twice so far, but when I saw them together last they seemed to be best friends already! It is such a peace of mind to leave not just your pet but also your house in such good hands. My partner and I really recommend Purrfect Sitters. Very pleased with the service. Yvonne made an effort to check on my cat who hides from people. Liked the fact that she left a record of each visit for me. Would use the service again, and have no hesitation in recommending them to others. Our cats are a bit 'special' and don't like strangers at all and so a cattery would have been very traumatic for them. Purrfect sitters were recommended to me by a friend and I'm so glad they were. It was really lovely to have piece of mind whilst we were away knowing that they could be left safely in their own environment. Purrfect sitters write a little diary for you to come home to and not only that they'll open and close curtains for you and anything else (within reason) to make your house looked lived in while you're away. We'll definitely use them again as they provided a great service for us. Just want to say a very big thank you for looking after our cats and fish. This is the first time I've returned from hols to find my plants intact and happy and no pile of post on the hall floor ( even my pansy plugs had survived thanks to your attention - I have finally managed to plant them outside!). I shall definitely be in contact with you again when we next go away - the service provided was exemplary and very convenient to arrange. Yvonne looked after our house cat when we went away for the week & we were very happy with the service. Yvonne is very professional & took excellent care of Merlin. It was nice to come home & read the visit diary to see that Merlin had been well looked after & received lots of care & attention. Yvonne looked after our 4 cats at short notice when we went away for a long weekend - we left feeling confident that our house and our animals would be well looked after and we were right. Very relaxed and happy cats, and one or two problems dealt with without any fuss. There was a diary for each day confirming what had been done and how the cats had been. Really happy customers that won't hesitate to book again. Yvonne and the team, Just wanted to say thank you very much for looking after Sky and Roxy while we were away over the weekend - came back to two relaxed cats who seemed to barely notice we'd been gone - much less traumatic (and much more convenient) than the cattery! Thanks again, we'll definitely be coming to you first next time we have a trip! Great service that we use regularly. Very professional and a nice diary kept of each day which shows thorough nature of care and attention given. Wouldn't leave our mogs with anyone else! I can't praise Yvonne enough. At short notice she took on three very naughty boy cats and a poorly (Molly) female who was only five days on from recovering from a big operation. I was seriously thinking about cancelling my holiday but felt really reassured when she came to visit to chat things through. I came home to four happy healthy cats! What more can I say. Yvonne is clearly a dedicated animal lover who also looks after your house (even takes your bins out!) and the service is FAR cheaper than a cattery. I thoroughly recommend her Very happy with service - I definitely will be using if future. Purrfect service it is :) Really happy with the service of Purrfect Sitters, they looked after my 3 cats while we were on holiday and kept me informed of any issues, I would feel more than happy using them again. We contacted Yvonne after we'd been disorganised and left it too late to book with local catteries. Now she will be our first choice, way ahead of any cattery. Despite the short notice, Yvonne arranged to come round and meet us and our two cats. Throughout, her conduct was extremely professional, and it was evident that this is someone with a genuine affection for cats. We've used Purrfect Sitters twice now (for five days and eight days away respectively) and will no doubt do so again. The cats are so much less stressed being able to remain in their own home. Our cats go out and really appreciate their freedom but we don't have a cat flap; we asked Yvonne to let them in and out at prescribed times, which she did -- and it worked, really well. She left an honest log of the cats comings and goings and meal times so that we could be reassured that they had been eating regularly. She was also very helpful with keeping things ticking over while we were away: raising and lowering blinds, watering plants, taking the bin in, and tidying up any bits of cat litter which the cats had tossed around. We'd never used any service like this before. Now we can recommend Purrfect Sitters to anyone. Thanks Yvonne! I can highly recommend Purrfect Sitters. We have used their friendly and efficient service many times in the last couple of years to look after our two cats and our one grumpy tortoise. They have also taken on chores such as administering medications and watering houseplants. The options of online bank transfer and secure key-storage suit us well, making re-booking quick and easy. Purrfect Sitters have been looking after our animals while we were away for nearly a month. On our arrival home yesterday we were welcomed by two happy cats, although I suspect the cats were disappointed to see Yvonne leave and our noisy children return. I'm very pleased with the service provided by Purrfect Sitters - I'm glad to have left my two cats in their capable hands and will be happy to do so again. Used purrfect Sitters for a long weekend away loverly lady made my old lady cats and ferrets very happy even got my grumpy cat to take her medication thanks for a fab service definitely use again and recommend I used purrfect sitters on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for my brothers wedding. I also booked back in again for a week while I went on holiday, I would definitely recommend. Yvonne came to see me first and went through what I want doing etc as she will put bins out and close curtains. Yvonne also writes everything down so you can see what your cat gets up to while your away :) I was very apprehensive about leaving my rescue cat Evie on her own for the first time. But I needn't have worried. Yvonne and her team were marvellous - reliable, caring and very professional. During my two weeks away Yvonne and I kept in touch by phone, so I felt reassured that all was well with my cat. She also left a diary sheet for me with a daily record of her visits. On my return I found the flat had been kept clean and tidy, and most importantly Evie seemed happy and contented. I can recommend Purrfect Sitters wholeheartedly. Thank you so much for looking after our cats Mitzi and Tanya. It is such a relief to see both of them so well after a whole week! We will definitely need your help again. It was lovely to have Purrfect Sitters look after our cats whilst we were away, as I don't like to have to ask the neighbours and we know our pets are happiest at home. I received a text when Yvonne hadn't seen George around for a couple of feeds (although the food was all eaten) and another to say when he turned up. It was a real comfort and we'll definitely ask these ladies back every time. So glad we decided to try this service. Our two new rescue cats are both very nervous and shy, and didn't enjoy their first trip to our trusted cattery. Yvonne's home visits have made life far less stressful for them when we go away. Both the cats and house were in great shape after we returned from a six night trip. The communications from Yvonne at all stages of the process have been great. Already completely trust her and will be making much use of her services. We used a few Pet Sitters before we came across Yvonne at Purrfect Sitters. With the other companies we used, we were never 100% happy with the service, as when we returned our cat would be stressed and it felt like with other sitters, that some days they hadn't even bothered to show up, the food would be dried up, litter tray a mess etc. So we were thrilled when we used Purrfect Sitters as their service is fantastic. Our cat now doesn't even seem to notice when we've gone away as she's so well looked after! Everything is spotless when we return and Yvonne even hunts out our cat that likes to hide under covers to check she's ok! I am always confident when we go away that our cat will be well cared for, and she definately is. Yvonne is always flexible, professional and is a pleasure to deal with! It's a great deal of trust we place in sitters to come into our homes and care for our pets, and that's why I'd recommend Purrfect Sitters a millions times over, we'd be lost without their service and they do a wonderful job, please don't hesitate to use them! Super amazing service, Yvonne did an incredible job over Christmas looking after my cat, I can't praise enough. Thank you so much from me, Adam and Peeky the cat! x I was very nervous for first time I have people coming around to my house and also my cat are very shy with other people, when the lady came to my house to show me her and her hubby CRB check and I took my cat to meet the lady, he seem to like her and doesnt ran off as usual when my cat met other people. When I came home from away weekend, I read the daily log from the lady, Miles has lots of tlc and I was surprise that he let the lady and approach to her. all I know now next time I am going away, I will have this again. We've used Purrfect Sitters a couple of times now, over Christmas and have found it all to be a very convenient and smooth process. I have recommended their services to all of my friends who have pets and are going away. Thank you Yvonne :) It was great to be able to go away and know your cats would be in capable hands. The daily update on the cats welfare was also comforting. I would recommend purfect sitters to anyone Thank you Yvonne for looking after our house cats,Mies and Hollie, so well during our holiday. It was lovely to see the diary sheets showing what they had been up to each day and the time you spent with them. It was reassuring for us to know that your visits were also helping to keep the house secure too! Mies and Hollie want to know when you are coming to play with them again x Yvonne at Purrfect Sitters is great. It's good to have peace of mind when you're away that not only can your pet stay in the comfort of their own surroundings, but can also be looked after and cared for just as if you were at home. Our cat is a house cat and very territorial and Yvonne was really relaxed with her. Will definitely use Purrfect Sitters again. I have just used Yvonne for the first time to look after my two cats whilst I went away on holiday and I can only say that I was thoroughly satisfied with her service as I came home to two perfectly happy felines. I will have no hesitation now in using her whenever I go away to look after my pets and can heartily recommend her services as she is both professional and approachable at the same time. My two little cats mean the world to me, and I miss them when I go away. But I know that they're in safe hands with our lovely 'cat lady' who feeds them, looks after them and gives them TLC when we go away. Because she comes to the environment they love most and know best, we come home to happy cats who have the world around them as they know it. There are never sulks on our return - just cuddles. Our 'kitten reports' (we're in denial that they're cats now!) give us great joy when we hear snippets of their life without us, and great comfort to know that they've been just fine. I needed my cats looked after while I went on short holiday. Yvonne's services are wonderful. My cats were so well looked after and they didn't have to deal with the stresses of a cattery. Thanks tons! We are very happy with the service Yvonne provides, she has looked after our cats a few times now and we will continue to use her in the future. I am so glad we found yvonne and purrfect sitters. I would definitely recommend. Yvonne has looked after my two cats on several occasions now and I have to say that I've been consistently delighted by the service she provides. Purrfect Sitters is fantastic value for money as, not only does Yvonne provide a reliable and trustworthy service but she takes excellent care of my cats and does all the little things like putting bins out, opening/closing curtains and bringing in the mail to give that added security of making my home look lived in whilst I'm away. She clearly sees each client and cat as an individual and appreciates that some cats want affection and entertainment whilst other's (like mine) are a bit nervous and would prefer her to just sort out the food/water/litter and leave without the need to make contact. The peace of mind I get from having Yvonne care for my precious felines means that I can go on holiday, have a great time and trust that she'll get in touch if the need arises. Fantastic service, Yvonne! Thank you! We have recently used Purrfect Sitters and Yvonne provided us with an outstanding professional service. She is extremely conscientious so when we first met her we knew our house and animals were all in safe hands. Yvonne even took the time to write a daily diary of what she had done for us whilst we were away. We had no questions when we booked because she had thought of everything and from her first visit our cat took to her very quickly! Our cat and fish family were all very well looked after and not only that, our bins were put out and then away and our curtains drawn. It made life so much easier for us when we went away. We would have no hesitation in recommending Purrfect Sitters and will certainly be using their services again. Thanks again, Claire and Andrew It's such a relief to know that Meg's well looked after while we're away, especially as we have family quite far south so often go away for four/five days at a time. The diary is great to see on our return, though having used Yvonne's services a few times we trust her implicitly- plus Meg's always happy and healthy when we get back, which is the real test! Yvonne is very professional, gets on very well with Meg and gives us real peace of mind - it's lovely to see Meg waiting for us at the window when we return and the keys on the doormat inside. We usually try to give Yvonne a bit of notice before we go, but on the few occasions where we haven't had the opportunity she's always been available and happy to pop round at our convenience to collect the keys, which is great. My cat Nala is getting old and I didn't want to put her into a cattery while we went on our weekend break, I found Yvonne from her website. I was impressed by her and her previous reviews, and I was not disappointed my home and Nala was just as we left them. I would not hesitate to use Yvonne's services again I found her a caring person, efficient and professional in the way she conducts her business. Thank you We were concerned about letting someone into our home whilst we were away, but knew our cats would fret if put into a cattery so selected Yvonne based on other recommendations. We were very happy with the way she looked after Princess and Titch - We returned after a 5 day break and they had hardly missed us- they were well cared for and we will happily use her services again when we next go away. I have used Yvonne twice over the last few weeks to look after my cat Leo whilst I went away. I am very soft with Leo but Yvonne made me feel at ease leaving him for a few days in her very capable hands. I can text Yvonne to check how Leo is and she responds very quickly to give me an update, I find this so reassuring and it allows me to enjoy my weekends away knowing Leo is happy and content in his own home! We have used Purrfect Sitters for a number of years and have always been happy with the service provided, comfortable in the knowledge that Tigger and our house are in safe hands. Yvonne has been particularly accommodating and conscientious over the last year in giving Tigger medication in with his food, which has been a necessity when we're away. Bookings have always been easy to arrange, even at short notice. Great service, no hassle, happy cat in his own home! Since finding Yvonne, whenever I have to go away and leave my cats, Kiera and Alfie, I do so in absolute confidence that they are being wonderfully looked after by a reliable, conscientious and caring individual. I love the daily diary that Yvonne compiles at each visit detailing how the cats have been in my absence. She does more than feed and water them, taking time to provide much appreciated tlc and play. The added bonus is that my home is being looked after as well. To prove what a wonderful person Yvonne is with humans as well as animals, she went out of her way to bring round the key she holds for me when I had locked myself out and was unable to retrieve my other spares from friends! I have no hesitation in highly recommending Purrfect Sitters. Brilliant service from Yvonne at Purrfect Sitters! Both cats were happy when we got home. Post was picked up and hidden from view, curtains opened and closed. Loved the daily visit diary! Very good service and will use again! Thank you very much! Our cats have always hated going to the boarding kennels/cattery and have been the picture of misery when we collected them. Somehow I'd thought a catsitter would be beyond our means but one visit a day is actually cheaper than putting 2 cats in the cattery! Yvonne looked after our 2 cats over Christmas and New Year and we were delighted with the service she provided: Not only did she take time with the cat (the other (grumpy) cat was unfortunately in hiding but he seemed much happier in his own home than he would have been in the cattery) but plants were also watered, milk brought in and bins put out. It was also reassuring to know someone had been keeping an eye on the house so we could be pretty sure we weren't coming back to any nasty surprises. So, if Yvonne's available in future I think that our cats have had their last trip to the cattery, which they will be delighted by. I had previously got very stressed and worried about asking friends and family to look after my two cats whilst away as it is quite frequent and didn't want to put on them so often - and then I found Yvonne whom takes all the worry out of going away - knowing that Kaya and Koby are fed, watered and played with and house is safe, secure and any essentials looked after (whilst away at xmas our only monthly recycling was due and Yvonne very kindly put it on the day so it wasn't out for the whole week). Yvonne is friendly and reliable and now an essential part of any plans. Peace of mind is hard to come across in a service but Yvonne provides this 100%. What an efficient service! Yvonne cared for our cats for three days while we were away and we returned to two extremely happy cats and a report which was great. I would highly recommend Purrfect Sitters and will be doing do in the future. Many thanks, we'll certainly call upon you again. Yvonne looked after -Jack the cat - over the X-mas and New Year period. When I came back home, I found my cat to be very happy and very well looked after. I will for sure use her services again. I can now actually relax while on holiday or on business trips, knowing that Jack is happy and feeling safe. Thank you Yvonne! Amy Yvonne Lowe has been pet sitting for us since the early part of this year and has quickly become indispensable when we are leaving home on holiday or even just overnight. She is very reliable and most trustworthy and we can travel relaxed knowing that our cat is in safe hands and will receive the best of care. We recently lost one of our cats to cancer and it was our trust Yvonne's care and affection that she had already shown to both our cats that made it possible for us to go on holiday soon after leaving our one remaining cat in her care. She not only fed and tidied up after Pyewacket but spent time with her giving her the attention and "playtime" she needed in our absence. I am sure you will not be surprised to hear that both my wife and I are very happy to recommend Yvonne. We have found Yvonne to be very friendly and trustworthy. We trust herwith our cat Merlin and also our home which is very important to us.She leaves us recorded information about how Merlin has been when shehas visited him so we are able to ascertain how he has managed in ourabsence. Merlin has really settled with Yvonne we have found her to becaring gentle and respectful to both Merlin and our home. I would haveno hesitation in recommending her as a cat sitter. Yvonne has looked after my cats on a number of occasions and I have been very pleased with the service she has provided. I had a cat with diabetes, who required injections at set times in the morning and evenings, and she accommodated this into her schedule very flexibly. She ensured that she knew what to do in an emergency, and on one occasion while I was abroad liaised with the vet on his treatment. Prior to looking after the cats, she came and visited and made sure she had all the necessary information required to look after my boys. She kept a diary while I was away, which was really good to read on my return. I trust Yvonne with my cats implicitly and will definitely use her services into the future. Thank-you for looking after Freddie when we were away and for putting the key through the letterbox. Your service has been fantastic and I appreciated seeing the daily visit form too Super service! Kept the cat fed and watered - the plants too! Great care was taken and she clearly loves what she does. Definitely recommended!
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    We collect and process personal data relating to you in order to fulfil our contractual obligations to you in the provision of our services. We are committed to being transparent about how we collect and use that data and to meet our data protection obligations.

    The types of information we collect includes:

  • • Your name, address and contact details, including email address and telephone number.
  • • Your partner’s name and contact details (if applicable).
  • • Details of the security at your home, including the presence and location of an intruder alarm, if applicable.
  • • How you heard about Purrfect Sitters Ltd.
  • • Details of your pets.
  • • Which veterinary surgery you are registered with.
  • • Emergency contact information.
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  • We may collect this information in a variety of ways. For example, data might be collected through:

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    Third Parties

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    Protection of data

    We take the protection of data seriously and have internal policies and controls in place to safeguard your data from loss, accidentally being destroyed, misused or disclosed. Data is only accessible by staff members in the performance of their duties and we have the following policies and control systems in place:

  • • Data Protection Policy.
  • • Lockable files only accessible by Yvonne Linlow (Owner).
  • • Password access to any electronic files, with access only given to relevant personnel.
  • • Password protected laptops and mobile phones, and encrypted mobile communications systems.
  • • System segregation.
  • • We do not transfer your data to countries outside the European Economic Area (although information may be stored on servers which are outside the EEA).
  • • We do not engage third parties to process personal data on our behalf; all data is processed in-house.
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    We will hold your personal data for a three year period following the most recent booking. If you make no bookings with us for a three year period, we will delete your data from our electronic files and securely dispose of any paper files containing your data.

    Your Rights

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  • • Require us to change incorrect or incomplete data.
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    Purrfect Sitters Terms of Service


    Yvonne Linlow - Owner & Director & Pet Sitter for Purrfect Sitters Ltd

    Robert Linlow - Illness cover Pet Sitter for Purrfect Sitters Ltd


    The person(s) named on the booking form.

    'Key Safe Customers'

    Customers for who We already have a copy of their key before a booking is made and wants the key returned to Our secure key safe at the end of the booked service.

  • The business will be closed to new bookings/customers for Annual Leave every January for 14 days, commencing the first Monday after New Year’s Day. Any bookings already made for this period will be honoured and a skeleton emergency booking service, for Key Safe Customers only, will be in place.

  • You have a responsibility to keep your cat/s protected against fleas. As fleas and their eggs latch on to humans until they find a suitable host to spring on too, they are easily spread to unprotected cats. Any houses having flea issues will have services terminated with immediate effect.

  • Morning visits are conducted between 6am to 11am. Afternoon visits are between 3pm to 6pm. These times may vary at weekends, peak times, bank holidays, July, August and Christmas to accommodate the increased demand. We will aim to start and finish an hour either side of the above times at peak times. To ensure consistency We will aim to visit around the same time each day. If 2 daily visits have been paid for, there will be at least 6 hours between the am and pm visits. When making Your booking, remember to bear these times in mind so You are not at home at the start or end of the service. If You do not notify Us that You do not need a visit before We arrive, You will still be charged for the visit.

  • Any customer can become a Key Safe Customer, but they will be charged the standard customer prices for their first booking. For existing Key Safe Customers, there is no charge to return Your key if You no longer want to be a Key Safe Customer.

  • For Key Safe Customers, We are happy to take any booking before We commence the round of visits. If You contact Us after the round has started, We may not be able to accommodate You or We will add an extra £7.00 charge on to the booking cost to cover the extra time and costs involved with returning to base to collect Your key from the key safe. Notification by text message or phone call before 5am for a morning visit or 1pm for an afternoon visit are the cut off notification times to prevent this additional charge.

  • Full payment for the entire period of service is required before the commencement of service. In the event of You cancelling the service after paying, a refund for the cancelled period will only be given if You cancel with Us before We arrive to carry out the service.

  • If You allow Your animal(s) to leave the property, but do not have a method to allow the animal(s) to re-enter whenever they want, We might not be able to find Your animal(s) when We make the visit and may not be able to perform an extended search for them. We advise that You keep Your animal(s) within the property from the start of the booking to ensure they remain safe, well and accounted for. We cannot be held responsible for animal(s) outside of Your property.

  • All Public Holidays and New Year's Eve are charged at double the daily rate.

  • Only 1 morning visit is available on Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. No visit is available on Christmas Day.

  • If the full payment is not received prior to the start date of service, We reserve the right to withdraw the service agreement.

  • The cost of service is set out on Our website at The prices stated on the website at the time of Your booking will be the prices charged. We will review these prices annually each September. In the event of a price increase, any new or existing Key Safe Customers will remain on the previous period’s prices.

  • Our service includes visiting the property of the Client as instructed. We will open/close curtains, turn lights on/off, water indoor plants, feed/water pets, take bin out/in in line with Your instructions.

  • Whilst We will take every reasonable care to look after Your property and animal(s), no responsibility can be accepted in the event of any damage within such property, or any injury or death to, or any loss of animal(s) within Our care, unless due to negligence or omission.

  • It is the Clients’ responsibility to make sure any objects which may break are removed from windows and areas where Your animal(s) may run and jump up to. As We are unable to offer constant supervision We cannot accept responsibility for such breakages.

  • The Client agrees to provide all necessary food/bedding/litter/medication required for the care of the animal(s) for the duration of service, as well as facilities (bin) and equipment (litter scope/litter bags) to hygienically and correctly dispose of waste products.

  • It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure We have access to parking at, or very close to, the property by either ensuring there is on street parking or by providing permits and fobs where appropriate. If We incur any additional costs due to parking at a property the Client will be required to pay. This includes parking fines/meters/car park fees.

  • Whilst You are away, please rest assured that no news is good news! If You require an update You can text Us at any time. If You text between 6am – 6pm We will respond as soon as We have done the full round of visits. If You text after 6pm You may not get a reply until We have conducted the following morning round, so that may be after 11am the following day.

  • It is the Clients responsibility to choose an emergency contact who can respond to any and all emergencies on behalf of the Client. This includes, but is not limited to, medical decisions for the Client’s pet, repair decisions in the event of a discovered break in or related damage to the Clients property, a spare key for the property in the event of damaged or lost keys which prevent access to the Clients property.

  • As You are entering a contract with Us All Customers agree for Us to securely store information provided for 6 years. This is for accounting purposes and ease of Your rebooking in the future. We will never contact You or pass on your information. If you would like to have your information removed before then, please email

  • All key safe customers agree that information is stored as above but also agree to be contacted via phone and email to be kept informed of service availability and any relevant service changes. If you would prefer not to be contacted please let me know.

  • Any Key Safe Customer who does not respond to communication for 2 years will have their key destroyed

  • In exceptional circumstances We reserve the right to cancel our service(s) at short notice or on the day of a booked visit. We will notify both You and your emergency contact and will supply a refund for the missed service(s). Exceptional circumstances include (but not limited to) dangerous road/weather conditions, flooding, sudden illness/accident of Your sitter where we were unable to provide a substitute.

  • If You want to make a complaint about the service You can do so by emailing to or writing to Purrfect Sitters Ltd, 1 Cross Mitford Road, Leeds. LS12 1NW. We will aim to respond to complaints in 72 hours after receipt.