Please read about our Service Availability before booking or calling.

After such a long time that people have not been able to take their holidays or breaks away, it seems like everyone is going away at the same time! It's great to see things might be starting to return to a new normal, but the result is that the service is nearly fully booked (which means we're starting up at 5am and finishing at 7pm, with a hamburger in the middle!) I'm sorry that we have had to put in the following restrictions to allow us to cope with the current demand.

Until the current demand has passed and things quite down again, we will be updating this page every evening if there are any cancellations or changes in current bookings.

Existing Key Safe Customers

Existing Key Safe Customers will always be given priority, but we can't fit any more visits in on the following days. Please call us to see if any cancellations have freed up space.

Monday 1st November - Fully booked

Saturday 13th November - Afternoon Fully booked

Tuesday 30th November - Afternoon Fully booked

Wednesday 8th December - Afternoon Fully booked

Christmas Eve - Limited space for Mornings (not working in the afternoon)

Christmas Day - Non working day

Boxing Day - Fully booked

Monday 27th December - Fully Booked for Mornings - Limited space for Afternoon

New Year's Eve - Limited space for Mornings (not working in the afternoon)

New Year's Day - Limited space for Mornings (not working in the afternoon)

As per the terms and conditions, our annual holiday for 2022 will be the following dates:

Thursday 13th January 2022 to Thursday 20th January 2022

Service resumes Friday 21st January 2022 for afternoon visits.

No availability for New Customers between 17th November 2021 to 4th January 2022

This applies to any New Customer who is not on our books. I'm very sorry, but I hope you will try us again next time.


13 Years of service badge

Purrfect Sitters pledge to provide a quality and trusted service to anyone requiring a pet sitter in the Leeds area for holidays or weekends away. We will come to see you in advance to discuss your individual requirements and meet your animal family, so you can judge how they get on with us. Next, we will visit before you go away to pick up a key and either post the key once finished, return the key in person, or keep the key in a secure safe for next time you're away (or if you ever get locked out!)

As you can see from our website, we have our own animal family who consist of cats, birds, fish, rabbits and hamsters. We also don't forget wild animals that occasionally need a helping hand, ranging from robins to hedgehogs! :)

We are fully insured to visit your home, with your permission, and we have been DBS checked.

We hope you will hire us to look after your animal family, in their own home, next time you go away.

Please have a read through the reviews from our customers if you have any concerns regarding the service we offer.

Best wishes, Yvonne

Service Prices

If you have multiple animals in the same cage or tank (e.g. fish, or hamsters), we will consider this the same as one animal.

1-3 animals

£8.00 for one daily visit
£7.50 for Keysafe customers

A single visit (AM or PM) to look after 1 to 3 pets.

1-3 animals

£14.00 for two daily visits
£13.00 for Keysafe customers

Two visits in a 24-hour period (AM and PM) to look after 1 to 3 pets.

4-5 animals

£12.50 for one daily visit
£10.50 for Keysafe customers

A single visit (AM or PM) to look after 4 to 5 pets.

4-5 animals

£18.00 for two daily visits
£16.00 for Keysafe customers

Two visits in a 24-hour period (AM and PM) to look after 4 to 5 pets.

Key Safe Customers

Key Safe Customers are customers for who we already have a copy of their key before a booking is made and wants the key returned to our secure key safe at the end of the booked service.

Any customer can become a Key Safe Customer, but they will be charged the standard customer prices for their first booking (as we will still need to collect the key and perform an initial visit for new customers) but these customers will start benefiting from their second booking. If a customer decides to stop being a Key Safe Customer for any reason, we will either post the key back on the last day of service, or at a suitable time if there is no active booking.

The benefits of becoming a Key Safe Customer are:

  • Customers can make a booking at short notice by phone or text message and we will always prioritise our availability to these customers.
  • If the customer ever gets locked out of their home, or loses their key, customers can pick up the key by short notice appointment or in exceptional circumstances we can drop it off.
  • As we do not need to arrange a key collection before visits, Key Safe Customers will have a discounted tariff!
  • Services Offered

    We offer a bespoke service which intends to look after your animal family, in the same manner as they are accustomed when you are home. Our service is also discrete and non-branded so as not to advertise your absence to those who do not already know you are away. As part of the service we can open and close curtains to help deter burglars while you're away. Please let us know what individual requirements you have.

    * We are not able to guarantee specific times for giving medication.


    Giving food, fresh water and treats so they know they have not been abandoned

    Cleaning Up

    Cleaning litter tray and cages. Also cleaning up any accidents

    Health *

    Giving medication, including flee treatment, tablets or injections


    Turning lights on and off as needed, opening and closing curtains each visit to help deter burglars

    Key Safe

    We can keep your key so we're ready when you need us.


    Whatever else your animal is used to, when you're home!

    Hours of Service

    We don’t offer times slots for the visits; the afternoon round follows the morning round. If we start in Roundhay at 6am, we start there again at 2pm to ensure there is a big enough gap between visits. The visit times are house dependant. Generally, a visit lasts between 10- 20 minutes depending on what needs doing. Some visits won’t take long if the cat is outside and not a lot needs to be done, or they can be up to 45 minutes if there is a lot going off and the animals need lots of attention.

    When we're out on a round, we can't answer calls or respond to emails. We will keep an eye on missed calls and text messages and will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

    The visiting times may vary around peak times, bank holidays, August and Christmas to accommodate the increased demand.


    Customers must provide all food, medication, litter and treats for the duration of the service.

    Although we are happy to look after any caged or small animal, our service is not suitable for dogs.

    Area Covered

    We can provide service anywhere within the red line on the map below.

    Please enter your address here to find where you are on the map.

    Our Reviews

    We understand the importance of trust when allowing someone into your home while you're away to look after your animal family and respect your property. To help you make a decision about us, please have a read over our reviews.

    We now only use Google and Facebook for reviews so you know you can be assured they have not be edited by us.

    Read our reviews on Google
    Read our reviews on Facebook

    Contact Us

    To make booking requests or for more details, please telephone us using the below number or use the below magic to contact us with your requirements.

    Mobile 07845 111 500


    We will email or call you back to make the booking or reply to your questions as soon as possible. If we can't take your call (we might be on a visit) please leave us a voice message.

    Due to massive demand, we do not have full availability for new customers. Please Read More before enquiring.


     This privacy policy sets out how Purrfect Sitters Ltd collects, uses and protects personal data in the course of operating this service. We may change this policy in future by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure that you are happy with any changes. If you have any questions about our privacy policy or how we use your data you can contact us on or call us on 0113 212 7887 or write to us at Purrfect Sitters Ltd. 1 Cross Mitford Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK. LS12 1NW

    Why do we process Personal Data?

    We collect and process personal data relating to you in order to fulfil our contractual obligations to you in the provision of our services. We are committed to being transparent about how we collect and use that data and to meet our data protection obligations.

    The types of information we collect includes:

  • • Your name, address and contact details, including email address and telephone number.
  • • Your partner’s name and contact details (if applicable).
  • • Details of the security at your home, including the presence and location of an intruder alarm, if applicable.
  • • How you heard about Purrfect Sitters Ltd.
  • • Details of your pets.
  • • Which veterinary surgery you are registered with.
  • • Emergency contact information.
  • • Preferred contact method.
  • • Dates that you will be in need of our services.
  • • Your IP address.
  • • Your GPS location (used by Google Maps. Not stored by us).
  • • Any other information which may assist us in providing a personal service to meet your requirements.

  • We may collect this information in a variety of ways. For example, data might be collected through:

  • • The initial enquiry.
  • • The initial visit.
  • • Any subsequent correspondence between you and us.
  • Access to Data

    No-one outside of Purrfect Sitters Ltd has access to your data.

    Third Parties

    We do not share your data with third parties, except where we may be required to do so for legal reasons, insurance claims etc, or in relation to the sale / transfer of all or part of our business, if applicable.

    Protection of data

    We take the protection of data seriously and have internal policies and controls in place to safeguard your data from loss, accidentally being destroyed, misused or disclosed. Data is only accessible by staff members in the performance of their duties and we have the following policies and control systems in place:

  • • Data Protection Policy.
  • • Lockable files only accessible by Yvonne Linlow (Owner).
  • • Password access to any electronic files, with access only given to relevant personnel.
  • • Password protected laptops and mobile phones, and encrypted mobile communications systems.
  • • System segregation.
  • • We do not transfer your data to countries outside the European Economic Area (although information may be stored on servers which are outside the EEA).
  • • We do not engage third parties to process personal data on our behalf; all data is processed in-house.
  • Retention of Data

    We will hold your personal data for a three year period following the most recent booking. If you make no bookings with us for a three year period, we will delete your data from our electronic files and securely dispose of any paper files containing your data.

    Your Rights

    Under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), as a data subject you can:

  • • Access and obtain a copy of your data on request.
  • • Require us to change incorrect or incomplete data.
  • • Require us to delete or restrict processing your data, for example where the data is no longer necessary for the purposes of processing.
  • • Object to the processing of your data.
  • • Request us to transfer your data to another service provider or organisation.
  • • (There are also rights concerning automated decision making and profiling, neither of which we use).

  • Should you wish to exercise any of the above rights, please contact us.

    If you believe that we have not complied with your data protection rights, you can complain to the Information Commissioner:

    Purrfect Sitters Terms of Service


    Yvonne Linlow - Owner & Director & Pet Sitter for Purrfect Sitters Ltd

    Robert Linlow - Illness cover Pet Sitter for Purrfect Sitters Ltd


    The person(s) named on the booking form.

    'Key Safe Customers'

    Customers for who We already have a copy of their key before a booking is made and wants the key returned to Our secure key safe at the end of the booked service.

  • The business will be closed to new bookings/customers for Annual Leave every January for 14 days, commencing the first Monday after New Year’s Day. Any bookings already made for this period will be honoured and a skeleton emergency booking service, for Key Safe Customers only, will be in place.

  • You have a responsibility to keep your cat/s protected against fleas. As fleas and their eggs latch on to humans until they find a suitable host to spring on too, they are easily spread to unprotected cats. Any houses having flea issues will have services terminated with immediate effect.

  • Morning visits are conducted between 6am to 11am. Afternoon visits are between 3pm to 6pm. These times may vary at weekends, peak times, bank holidays, July, August and Christmas to accommodate the increased demand. We will aim to start and finish an hour either side of the above times at peak times. To ensure consistency We will aim to visit around the same time each day. If 2 daily visits have been paid for, there will be at least 6 hours between the am and pm visits. When making Your booking, remember to bear these times in mind so You are not at home at the start or end of the service. If You do not notify Us that You do not need a visit before We arrive, You will still be charged for the visit.

  • Any customer can become a Key Safe Customer, but they will be charged the standard customer prices for their first booking. For existing Key Safe Customers, there is no charge to return Your key if You no longer want to be a Key Safe Customer.

  • For Key Safe Customers, We are happy to take any booking before We commence the round of visits. If You contact Us after the round has started, We may not be able to accommodate You or We will add an extra £7.00 charge on to the booking cost to cover the extra time and costs involved with returning to base to collect Your key from the key safe. Notification by text message or phone call before 5am for a morning visit or 1pm for an afternoon visit are the cut off notification times to prevent this additional charge.

  • Full payment for the entire period of service is required before the commencement of service. In the event of You cancelling the service after paying, a refund for the cancelled period will only be given if You cancel with Us before We arrive to carry out the service.

  • If You allow Your animal(s) to leave the property, but do not have a method to allow the animal(s) to re-enter whenever they want, We might not be able to find Your animal(s) when We make the visit and may not be able to perform an extended search for them. We advise that You keep Your animal(s) within the property from the start of the booking to ensure they remain safe, well and accounted for. We cannot be held responsible for animal(s) outside of Your property.

  • All Public Holidays and New Year's Eve are charged at double the daily rate.

  • Only 1 morning visit is available on Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. No visit is available on Christmas Day.

  • If the full payment is not received prior to the start date of service, We reserve the right to withdraw the service agreement.

  • The cost of service is set out on Our website at The prices stated on the website at the time of Your booking will be the prices charged. We will review these prices annually each September. In the event of a price increase, any new or existing Key Safe Customers will remain on the previous period’s prices.

  • Our service includes visiting the property of the Client as instructed. We will open/close curtains, turn lights on/off, water indoor plants, feed/water pets, take bin out/in in line with Your instructions.

  • Whilst We will take every reasonable care to look after Your property and animal(s), no responsibility can be accepted in the event of any damage within such property, or any injury or death to, or any loss of animal(s) within Our care, unless due to negligence or omission.

  • It is the Clients’ responsibility to make sure any objects which may break are removed from windows and areas where Your animal(s) may run and jump up to. As We are unable to offer constant supervision We cannot accept responsibility for such breakages.

  • The Client agrees to provide all necessary food/bedding/litter/medication required for the care of the animal(s) for the duration of service, as well as facilities (bin) and equipment (litter scope/litter bags) to hygienically and correctly dispose of waste products.

  • It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure We have access to parking at, or very close to, the property by either ensuring there is on street parking or by providing permits and fobs where appropriate. If We incur any additional costs due to parking at a property the Client will be required to pay. This includes parking fines/meters/car park fees.

  • Whilst You are away, please rest assured that no news is good news! If You require an update You can text Us at any time. If You text between 6am – 6pm We will respond as soon as We have done the full round of visits. If You text after 6pm You may not get a reply until We have conducted the following morning round, so that may be after 11am the following day.

  • It is the Clients responsibility to choose an emergency contact who can respond to any and all emergencies on behalf of the Client. This includes, but is not limited to, medical decisions for the Client’s pet, repair decisions in the event of a discovered break in or related damage to the Clients property, a spare key for the property in the event of damaged or lost keys which prevent access to the Clients property.

  • As You are entering a contract with Us All Customers agree for Us to securely store information provided for 6 years. This is for accounting purposes and ease of Your rebooking in the future. We will never contact You or pass on your information. If you would like to have your information removed before then, please email

  • All key safe customers agree that information is stored as above but also agree to be contacted via phone and email to be kept informed of service availability and any relevant service changes. If you would prefer not to be contacted please let me know.

  • Any Key Safe Customer who does not respond to communication for 2 years will have their key destroyed

  • In exceptional circumstances We reserve the right to cancel our service(s) at short notice or on the day of a booked visit. We will notify both You and your emergency contact and will supply a refund for the missed service(s). Exceptional circumstances include (but not limited to) dangerous road/weather conditions, flooding, sudden illness/accident of Your sitter where we were unable to provide a substitute.

  • If You want to make a complaint about the service You can do so by emailing to or writing to Purrfect Sitters Ltd, 1 Cross Mitford Road, Leeds. LS12 1NW. We will aim to respond to complaints in 72 hours after receipt.